The 10 best baby monitors – comparison and purchase guide

Nowadays, baby monitors have become a practically indispensable device, since they allow us to supervise our little one while we do other things and enjoy the security that everything is under control.

However, it is often not easy to choose the one that suits us best.

Do we want it with a camera? Have a monitor or use the mobile screen? In addition, we can end up buying a baby monitor that does not meet the minimum requirements, for example with low coverage or poor image quality.

But there are also excellent options, such as our selection of the best baby monitors with and without a camera:

We have tested the main baby monitors and collected the opinion of mothers and pediatricians to recommend the best models in this article. In the end, you will also find a complete guide to solve all your doubts about the functions of a baby monitor.


First of all, there are five basic concepts about baby monitors that you should have clear:

1. With a camera or without a camera?
For new parents, being able to see their baby at any time move and breathe is very comforting, which is why baby monitors with a camera are their favorite option. And let’s not forget that it is always useful to teach visitors how the little one sleeps!

For more experienced parents, a baby monitor without a camera can be enough if they just want to hear when they cry or wake up. They are also a good option when the house is very small, and they are usually quite cheaper.

2. With monitor or your mobile?
If you have decided on a baby monitor with a camera, the next step is to choose between those that include a monitor with a screen, or those that allow you to see the baby on your mobile or tablet through an application.

Although they are a little more expensive, for those parents who go out a lot and leave the baby with the nanny, the option of being able to see their little one from the mobile anywhere is very useful.

If you’re not going to get out too much, baby monitors with a monitor are usually simpler and give fewer problems.

To consider
Check which WiFi signal quality reaches the baby’s room. If the intensity is low, you better buy a baby monitor with a monitor.

3. The scope is fundamental
The first thing you should do once you have your new baby monitor is to put the camera in the child’s room, place the monitor where you will spend more time (the dining room or kitchen) and check if the signal arrives clearly.

The scope of the majority of baby monitors ranges between 15 and 30 meters (with four walls in between), but that distance may vary depending on the house, materials and other radio frequencies.

To consider
Most monitors issue a warning when they are out of reach, but ideally, your baby monitor has the maximum range to not be suffering from that.
4. Does it include sleep mode?
To increase their autonomy when they are disconnected from the current, some baby monitors include sleep mode. Thanks to it the screen only turns on when the camera detects any noise or movement.

To consider
If your monitor is not going to be plugged in too long because you move around the house a lot, look for a baby monitor that incorporates sleep modes.
5. Choose your extras
There are many extras according to the baby monitor model, but they are not essential:

Airship camera
Some baby monitors allow you to move the camera directly from the monitor, but unless the crib is very large or you have placed the camera very close to the small is not an essential option.

Communication with the baby
The majority of baby monitors have a walkie-talkie function with which you can calm your baby with your voice; others include several lullabies that you can activate from the monitor or even small colored lights to entertain and reassure the child.

Some models incorporate temperature and humidity sensor in the room, which is useful in summer or winter on large floors.

Warning lights
If during the nap time of the baby you usually call by phone, then a good idea is to get a baby monitor whose monitor has lights that notify you when there is sound in the room. This way you can lower the volume to talk on the phone: the lights will take care of your attention if your little one wakes up.

If you are going to move to a lot, it will be useful to choose a model with a small and compact monitor that includes a clip to hang it on the belt.


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