Learn to maintain a healthy breast during breastfeeding

During pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding, the breasts undergo a series of changes. The increase in the size of the breasts is one of the most obvious changes, but this brings with it the appearance of stretch marks, sinus fall or back pain. Also, the complications of breastfeeding such as mastitis or cracks in the nipple cause extra chest pain.

From the moment the baby is born, the mother devotes all of her attention to all the care the newborn needs, forgetting to a large extent to use a small part of the day to take care of herself. If during pregnancy you put all the remedies to avoid stretch marks on your chest and abdomen, now is not the time to leave. Some small rituals can help you take care of your breast throughout breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding bras: to avoid falling of the breasts you can use an appropriate bra to breastfeed. The nursing bras typically meet the appropriate requirements for breast care and comfort of the mother to breastfeed the baby thanks to the removable parts in the breasts. If you do not want or can not afford a nursing bra, choose one adapted to your new contour, that does not press you, preferably of cotton, that does not have hoops and wide straps. It is convenient that you use it day and night.

Creams for the breast: the breast must be well hydrated. Simply make a shower a day and do not overdo washing the breasts several times throughout the day not to resect them. For breast care and avoid the appearance of stretch marks, apply a moisturizer daily. If you also have cracks or sore nipples, you can use lanolin creams only in the nipple area.

Breastfeeding discs: if you use protective discs, change them frequently because when they are moist they tend to soften and damage the skin of the nipple.

Leaking: If your breasts leak during or between feeds you may probably need to wear nursing pads. the problem with breast pads is that it’s the perfect dark, moist environment soaked in pretty sugary breast milk that bacteria love, creating it simple for infection to occur.

The best type of breast pads for your skin the washable type made from a breathable material such as cotton or bamboo. If you prefer to use absorbent disposable breast pads its important you change these regularly as they hold in the moisture, creating it easier for bacteria to grow.

Breast milk: it is the best protector for damaged nipples. If you have very sensitive nipples, especially at the beginning of breastfeeding or you have even cracks. Apply a little milk at the end of the shot and let it air dry, it is the best natural healing and it will help you to breastfeed during breastfeeding.

Position of the baby: a correct position of the baby is the best help to take care of the breast during breastfeeding since it will avoid complications such as mastitis and cracks in the nipple.

Bat gymnastics: there is a very simple exercise that you can practice after taking to take care of your breasts during breastfeeding. Use a small ball, put it at chest height and squeeze it with both hands. You can do a few series after the shots to strengthen the chest muscles. You can also extend the arms and perform circular movements, in and out.

If you acquire these simple habits to take care of your breast during breastfeeding, you will avoid that when this period ends there will be a sagging of the breasts and the dreaded stretch marks will have appeared.

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