From what age can a baby carrier be used?

I do not know about you, but that was the first question I asked when I bought my first ergonomic baby carrier. With so many possibilities, what was best for me if I wanted to carry my daughter from birth? From what age can a baby carrier be used?

As I did not have anything clear, I spoke with my friend Alejandra, she is a portage consultant and who better to explain the differences between the different baby carriers and help me choose? I advise you that when you buy an ergonomic baby carrier you do it in one of the stores where there is a portage consultant, they have their title for something, and it is important to know who advises us, knows what they are talking about and is not anyone He has opened an online store and sells us the products without having all the necessary knowledge.

As I was saying, Alejandra advised me and informed me of all the ergonomic baby carriers that were available to me at that moment, she did it in a totally disinterested way and in the end, seeing the pros and cons, and also talking to my friend Klara, I decided on a Sleepy Wrap scarf in pink (now Boba Wrap) the sea of sweet and comfortable, it was like taking the girl in a cotton cloud, also my daughter was born in December with what we were both warm all winter, all a purchase success and very happy with my scarf and my beginnings with the ergonomic portage.

I know that many of you have the same concern, from what age can I take it? well, for that I have bamboozled Alejandra again and I have asked her to explain clearly what baby carriers are recommended from birth, it sure helps you a lot when making a decision if you are undecided.

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