Best 9 Breast Milk Storage Bags

Handling the milk pump was a real headache, so once I managed to become an expert, the first thing I thought was that I did not want to go through something tortuous now that it was time to store it and you know what? The key was to find the best bag for storage of breast milk.

Undoubtedly, having a quality model makes everything be sewing and singing when it comes to collecting the milk that you have taken. I had heard enough bags that leaked and wasted much of the milk collected. Not to mention those of doubtful closure that causes the milk to be damaged in a tris.

What is the best bag for storage of breast milk?

When it comes to things that have to do with the consumption of your baby, it is better to make sure again and again to buy the best, so to ask this question, again and again, is not only valid but necessary.

The options vary between one and the other. Some options include extractors or some other artifact or accessory that may suit you at the time of collection, but their prices will be higher.

They can also vary including measure indicator that can help you take control of your baby’s feeding, others can expand to stand and others, on the contrary, will remain flat to save space.

Much of this should be your personal choice, but safety and hygiene are irreplaceable aspects and I have made sure of that when preparing this comparison with the best models.

Here we present the best bags for storage of breast milk:

1. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags:

Hands down the most standard storage bags are the Lansinoh Breastmilk bags. you’ll be able to get a hundred bags for around $15-$20 holding a max volume of 6oz per bag. These bags score very high for performance, with a double seal to creating sure none of your precious breast milk will leak. They lay really flat which is a nice space saving feature and helps the milk to freeze at an even thickness, ensuring they thaw quickly.


Pros: Double Zip lock sealed, easy to label, simple to pour, pre-sterilized, great worth, recyclable

Cons: Can’t be hooked up directly to the breast pump, Leak easy if not thawed flat, don’t ship well.

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2. NUK Seal N’ Go Breast Milk Bags:

If durability is a high priority for you then check out these NUK Seal N Go bags. These bags are thicker than the Lansinoh and hold the stated 6oz with ease. The double zipper lock and powerful seams ensure leaks happen rarely with these bags. Expect to pay just below $20 for a 100 count – these are a bit more expensive than the Lansinoh bags but cheaper than he Medela.

Pros: Double zipper lock, strong seams, thick material, self-standing, sterilized.

Cons: Difficult to label, bulky if hold on upright, don’t attach on to the pump.

What factors should I consider when choosing the best breast milk storage bag?
Every mother knows that breastfeeding has a role of supreme importance in the development of her baby, so everything related to it must be of quality and with the safest materials.

When it comes to priorities, this should be the first when you go for one of these bags. The most powerful reason is the fact that breast milk will decompose quickly and if we add a very unhygienic product to it, the result will be fatal. So the ideal option in these cases will be the pre-sterilized products because obviously, they are those that have the best levels of hygiene.

The right size will be that which allows you to feed your baby for a couple of hours. The best thing is to have models that have a meter to be able to the necessary amount, also that will help you to measure the amount of breast milk that you are producing.

The thickness of the bag will determine how well the bags perform in storage. this can be particularly important if you’re wanting to deep freeze or travel with full storage bags. Thick materials will stop freezer urn or any damage to the bags which can cause leaks.

Here we speak at all times of security, which is something of great weight in this product. And that is the seal is that part that will not allow your milk to come out of the bag or spill involuntarily. There are several types of seal, there are plug, screw or double zipper.

Pump capacity
Mothers who are using this bag will need comfort and a way to make sure that it is a great model is to look for it to be appropriate with the pump that you will use, that is, with the extractor that will suck the milk from your breasts. The compatibility between the two will greatly minimize the risk of spills while helping to reduce the possibility that the milk has contact with harmful bacteria or germs since the milk would not have contact with any other element that is not your own. breast and the bag.

Easy to use
The previous point will facilitate the use of this product to a great extent and will save you a lot of time. Some also include the option to get up and stand still, which will allow you to place them in the fridge and keep them without spills. And do not doubt for those models with an inverted peak because they will make life easier when pouring milk in a bottle or other container.

If you have already taken a look at the options you will see that they vary in terms of types and, of course, designs, this is the case with prices, the variety is great. Yes, it is true that there are expensive models that have a wide variety of functions in their favor, but it does not mean that you can not go for an affordable option that remains of good quality, hygienic and with the right and necessary.

Why is it better to avoid cheap breast milk storage bags?
You will think that I have gone crazy because I just told you that there are very good affordable models and that is not a lie, but it is true that the trinkets will not be the most recommended.

You can not base yourself on the price and choose them only because they are too cheap, it is better that you make sure that they meet the quality you need and that, in addition, they satisfy your other needs.

They may not be so reliable
Can you imagine a bag that breaks or opens a leak in the middle of the pump? Or that it begins to spill inside the refrigerator and lose all that milk that with the effort you have pumped moments before? Unthinkable, right? Nothing can be worse for a mother than to see a leak in a bag of breast milk storage and we can add the fact that pumping that milk is not the idea of ​​a great moment for many mothers.

They may not be convenient
The truly worthwhile models often have a design that makes it easy to pour milk in and out of these bags without spilling a drop. And, of course, to make sure you get this, normally, you have to pay a little more.

They may not be safe
Security is important and you must trust 100 with your bags. You can not admit a minimum of error or doubts regarding its ability to protect your milk from any bacteria or contamination agent. And, come on, unless you’re an extreme compulsive cleaner, your refrigerator can be an unpleasant place. Only a safe and sealed bag can give you that peace of mind, but you can also add a few tricks such as adding the date to each bag after you fill it.

Advantages and benefits of these bags
I will summarize them in a few, but the advantages in using this product are many and varied, but we can start with the fact that they are generally less expensive than plastic containers or glass bottles and are less bulky than these, for what occupies less space in your fridge or refrigerator.

At least most users will agree that, in general, they are convenient and easy to use. On the other hand, it is a disposable or little reusable product, so you will spend less time and effort cleaning. And something that seems not to be so important, but that has its weight is that the milk thaws faster there than in other containers.

Tricks to use breast milk storage bags correctly
They usually bring their instructions, but general tricks never fall badly.

  • Write the date to your bag: It is important that you do it with a waterproof ballpoint pen or marker and that it is before filling the bag.
  • Remove the sterilizer seal: Immediately after you do it, do the next step quickly to avoid getting something unwanted into the bag.
  • Place the extractor: This if you are going to extract the milk directly from the breast to the bag. If you already have it in another container, you just have to pass it to the bag. It is important not to fill it to the fullest.
  • Push the remaining air out of the empty space in the bag: It is important that you do this before you seal it and sign the zipper or the cap.
  • Store it: If you do it in the fridge, it is better to put the bag in an upright position. But if it is in the freezer, it is best to put a paper towel and lie down to prevent it from adhering to other elements.
  • Defrosting: When you take it out of the freezer, you should put it in a container with warm water or place it in a refrigerator before using.
  • Use it: It is important that, before pouring the thawed breast milk into the bottles, make sure that the bag is at a strong angle to avoid spillage.
  • Tirades: After using, it is not suggested to reuse.

On the correct storage of milk
I recommend you follow these steps so that you can ensure that you store and manipulate milk as accurately as possible:

  • Important to wash your hands before handling milk.
  • Fresh milk and previously frozen milk should not be mixed.
  • You must identify them with time and date.
  • The milk is not reusable, do not keep the one you have previously used in a bottle.
  • Once you have thawed the milk, you will not be able to freeze it again.
  • To not waste a bit, it is better to save in small batches.
  • The milk should not be left for a long time, it would make it less fresh.
  • You do not have to fill them completely.
  • Use the oldest milk first.

Recommended duration and temperature for the storage of breast milk
This is one of the most frequent concerns in the users, especially in the new mothers , but you just have to follow this guide:

  • Ambient temperature (26 ° C or more): 1 hour
  • Ambient temperature with air conditioning (less than 26 ° C): 6 hours
  • Refrigerator: 48 hours
  • Freezer: 2 weeks
  • Freezer with separate doors: 4 months.
  • Separate deep freezing: 6 months.

Frequently asked questions
Surely you are asking just these things or at least you have ever asked them. Whatever the case may be, now I offer you the answers:

Can I reuse bags of breast milk storage?
It is not advisable to do so. Experts say it is better to use them and throw them away later because even if you clean them, they will not be sterilized .

How long does breast milk last in the freezer?
I have left you a fairly simple table to follow in a few lines back, but refresh the information never hurts. Well, you should know that, if you have just extracted a new batch of breast milk, but you will not use it right now, you can leave it in a space at room temperature for no more than an hour.

If you are with air conditioning, in an environment that is at a temperature less than 26 degrees, the milk will resist about 6 hours. But if you are sure that you will use it another day, it is best to take it to the fridge, where it will support up to 48 hours. Freezer will be where it will last longer and can be used before six months of refrigeration.

How is breast milk thawed?
There are two options, in the fridge or in warm water. In the fridge you should wait at least 12 hours. But if you need it more quickly, the second option is for you. All you have to do is place the bag, still sealed, inside a container with warm water. Never do it in the microwave! It is also not advisable that you do it in the hotplate . And if you wonder how to reheat your milk, I tell you that the best thing is not to do it.

How long is breast milk good after thawing?
After thawing, this milk can last up to 24 hours inside the refrigerator. The important thing is that it does not refreeze and that the oldest milk is always thawed first to minimize waste.

How can I know if breast milk is bad?
The best way to ensure this is that the milk has the date and time of storage and respect the storage times of which I have spoken repeatedly lines back. But to detect it you just have to be aware of the strange smells, it is good to always see and smell it carefully before giving it to the kids.

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