15 benefits of ergonomic backpacks that you can not miss

When we talk about baby carriers, the first thing that comes to mind is usually its purpose: to transport the baby to our body.
In this article we are going to explain that far beyond its basic function, the ergonomic baby carrier backpacks allow us to enjoy the innumerable benefits of portage:

  1. The babies are calmer in the arms of their parents. Until they are quite old, they will depend on their attachment figure to regulate stress. Contact with their parents gives them security, warmth and contact, something as basic to their well-being as eating or sleeping.adventure-baby-beautiful
  2. The babies that are carried in an ergonomic backpack cry less. The movement, the heat, the voice, even the smell, contribute to making them feel better. Think, for example, of children who have reflux: the upright position helps them to have less discomfort. But, in addition, taking the child so close to us allows us to discover any sign of discomfort and address their need long before the child breaks down to cry.
  3. Babies sleep more easily and longer in arms and in movement. In fact, many times we talk about the sedative effect of baby carriers, it seems magic!
  4. Carrying your baby reduces colic of the infant thanks to physical contact (better even if it is skin with skin), heat, smell, movement, and upright position.baby-bridge-carrying
  5. Maintaining an upright position is a good way to prevent and improve reflux and regurgitation.
  6. Likewise, carrying them upright, avoiding the lying position (usual when we leave them in the crib or in the car) prevents postural plagiocephaly and improves existing ones.
  7. Carrying your baby in an ergonomic backpack contributes to the healthy development of your spine and hips, preventing dysplasia and exerting a beneficial effect in cases where it has already occurred.
  8. The ergonomic porting makes it easier for the baby to transition from the uterine life to outer life. Do not forget that human beings are born immature not only physically but also from a neurological point of view. In other words, babies have an undeniable neurophysiological need to be carried in their arms, which is marked by our biology. More and more people talk about “exterogestación” or “nine months out, nine months inside”. If you have taken a newborn in your arms, surely you have noticed that naturally adopts the optimal position to be ported: rounded back in a C-shape, knees bent. He still can not speak, but his whole body is asking us to take him in our arms.
  9. Establishing and maintaining breastfeeding is much easier if we carry our baby in our arms. Why? Breastfeeding is governed by a demand-supply law, that is, the more the child sucks, the more stimulates production. Sweet-Babe-BlogThe first months of his life the child will spend much of the day in the breast of his mother. Carrying our baby in an ergonomic backpack we can breastfeed while we have our hands free and we can continue with our activities, so that we are offering what you need, we are ensuring a good stimulation of the breast and, in addition, we can breastfeed in a way totally discreet even on the street, without even having to sit down.
  10. Ergonomic portage has innumerable physical benefits: it helps in neurological maturation, in the development of the vestibular system and in muscle tone, in regulating temperature, respiration and heart rate.
  11. The emotional benefits of using a baby carrier are also countless: the baby feels more secure, more relaxed and linked with his parent. Portage promotes a secure attachment and helps fight postpartum or baby blues depression.
  12. Children weigh much less in an ergonomic backpack than carried in arms. It hurts you or your back hurts, your son has the need to take him in his arms and will continue to have it for many years. If you take it directly your body will suffer because you will carry your weight in your arms and your body will try to adjust to that load by diverting your center of gravity, overloading you. On the other hand, in an ergonomic backpack, the weight is distributed evenly, from the shoulders to your hips, distributing the weight without loading any area. You will feel that your baby weighs much less and you will get fit without realizing it.
  13. Carrying your baby in an ergonomic backpack allows you to keep it with you and close to you while you can continue to perform the normal tasks of everyday life: write on the computer or read a book, take a walk, go shopping, take out to the dog, even work!affection-baby-bridge
  14. Of course, in families where there is more than one small child, using ergonomic backpacks is almost essential since it allows you to attend to the needs of the baby without neglecting the rest of the siblings.
  15. The ergonomic backpacks give you total freedom to move around the city without repairing obstacles or architectural barriers, without suffering the rainy days or if we have to take public transport. Your hands will always be free and your son always with you.

These are the main 15 benefits of ergonomic backpacks that you can not miss but there are many more! Each family will find theirs since ergonomic portage is much more than a means of transport, it is a comfortable, loving, fun and healthy practice. Do you dare to share what are the advantages that you have experienced?

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